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During the global pandemic of Covid-19 (Coronavirus), DKW Sports Therapy Limited has reviewed current policies, procedures and the current government guidelines to ensure safe working practices at all times throughout the company. Due to this, new measures will be introduced to encourage a clean and safe environment within our facilities and to encourage all practitioners and visitors to follow these to protect themselves and others they come into contact with.

PPE (Person Protective Equipment)

All Practitioners will be required to wear uniform, Apron, face mask, goggles or face shield, and gloves. Clients will be required to wear a face mask at all times. This equipment will reduce the direct contact between individuals, surfaces and ultimately reduce the probability of infecting yourself and others. When applying and removing a facemask, hands must be washed with soap and water for 20 seconds or sanitized with Alcohol gel before touching your face. The same procedure is required when wearing gloves and goggles/face shields.

Social Distancing/Customer Procedure

All individuals must maintain a distance of ‘1 metre +’ between each other at all times. This is a fundamental request from the government to reduce the spreading of the virus. We have adjusted the layout of the therapy rooms to introduce this. Please follow the practitioner’s instructions when attending your appointment.

  • Visitors must use hand sanitiser upon entry

  • Wash hands before consultation and at the end

  • Card payments wherever possible

  • Waiting area – Do not arrive early. Wait in car and call us when you arrive we will meet you at the door

  • Do not come if you or anyone you live with is self-isolating or has COVID 19 symptoms

  • Please contact asap, to re-arrange appointment, if experiencing any COVID 19 symptoms

  • Plastic containers will be provided for client’s belongings

  • Clients will be required to wear a face mask at all times

All unnecessary equipment will be removed from the area to create extra space. Should you need to move within the therapy room or building, be mindful to not enter someone else’s space and maintain 1m+ distance at all times. If you need to be closer than 1m+ with a practitioner this will be based on our Covid-19 risk assessment. The treatment will need to be assessed to ensure it is essential and carried out safely, whilst maintaining distance where possible. The treatment will also need to be completed in the shortest time and with the client facing away or lying in a prone position where possible.

The most common areas for points of contact are walkways. There will now be a one-way system through the clinic. Currently the changing rooms and toilets are unavailable to visitors to reduce the spread of infection.



Maintaining a clean environment is essential with conquering of the virus, therefore we will regularly and where necessary clean our clinic area and treatment rooms. Areas will be disinfected at the beginning, at lunch time and at the end of each working day. In addition to this, after each client throughout the day. The room will be aired for 40 minutes after each client. We advise all practitioners and visitors to shower before coming to the clinic and again when returning home. Washing clothing at 60 degrees when possible will help to kill any bacteria.



DKW Sports Therapy Limited will continue to review and update this policy as required. We continue to follow all Government Guidance and all regulations provided by HSE. If there are any concerns regarding this policy or our performance, contact 

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